TRAINING: Why Train?

Here are Some Great Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer!

  • Personal trainers coach to encourage you to give 110% effort, whether that means increasing repetitions, adding extra weight, or pushing you that extra five minutes on the treadmill
  • Scheduled training appointment allots time for exercise. It is crucial to exercise regularly (see consistency). Even though most people realize this, there are many reasons and excuses why there’s „no time.”
  • Pre-paid training sessions place a higher value on exercise. The potential loss of money from cancelling an appointment, without due notice, can be a major incentive to get yourself to the gym.
  • Knowledge of which methods work acquired through the trainer’s years of experience and education.  A trainer is a professional who knows facts from fads and myths (i.e. the Atkin’s Diet and the Zone).
  • Program design. Implementation of exercises in most productive order (see efficiency). Individually tailored to suit the client’s specific goals and abilities.
    Wealth of exercises to achieve both complete and balanced muscular development. The human body houses hundreds of muscles, each with their own specific purpose. They require a multitude of various motions utilizing different types of resistance (ex. free weights, cables, machines, bodyweight, etc.).
    See variety.
  • Professional Nutritional guidance. Although only a registered dietitian can legally design an individualized menu, a certified Personal Fitness Trainer is knowledgeable in nutritional requirements and experienced in what it takes to truly eat in a healthy manner. Proper nutrition must be incorporated into the fitness path.
  • Perform exercises with proper techniques to avoid injury from incorrect movements. Exercise related injuries are extremely common, and are obviously a hindrance to reaching your fitness goals.
  • The trainer acts as a spotter, which is crucial to not dropping a weight on your head!
    The spotter examines your technique and gives the necessary feedback to perform exercises without injury.
  • If you don’t know what you are doing, then you are most likely not going to see results. Working out incorrectly only wastes your time and energy.
  • The trainer is your coach, and will keep you focused during a workout session to reach the highest level of productivity.
  • The fitness program will continually be assessed and developed by the trainer and the client.
  • Upon your arrival at the gym, the trainer will be ready with the day’s program.
  • Our bodies require regular muscular and cardiovascular work to maintain adequate health. Your personal fitness trainer will keep you on track with the appropriate mode and frequency of exercises.
  • Keeps you going forward. A fitness trainer is knowledgeable about most equipment and can teach you how to use different equipment in ways you may not have thought about.
    No muscle groups will be left out!
  • Helps make your workout enjoyable and positive.
    You’ll feel great about your time spent working out because you’ve had a lot of fun!