TRAINING: Services Offered

Fitness and health training

trening personalny

  • Whether it’s weight loss, agility, balance, core, functional, muscle gain, increased flexibility, beginner’s yoga, or sports enhancement…I can help you. With over ten years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I know what does and doesn’t work. Together, we will design a workout system that reaches your goals without wasted effort and injuries! Individual, couples, or small group (3-6) training available.

Dietary counseling

  • Eating healthfully is not difficult in theory, but it is imperative to separate fact from fiction. I will discuss fad diets (i.e. The Zone, Atkins, South Beach, etc.), proper balance of nutrients, supplementation, cooking tips, recipes, and more !

Food shopping consultant

  • I will go with you to the grocery store of your choice (Of course, I have recommendations on stores as well!) and personally show you the best items to choose for your particular tastes and goals. No more guessing games and diet failure!

Home gym consultation and set up

  • We will utilize a detailed analysis of your space availability, budget, likes, dislikes, and physical goals. Then the area will be prepared, and the equipment installed safely and securely.

Physical therapy

  • After a muscular or bone injury, it is very common to receive physical therapy to aid in the recovery of your body. It is extremely important to adhere to the physical therapist recommendations to ensure proper recovery. In order to facilitate your compliance and healing, I will personally meet with your chiropractor, physical therapist, or doctor to discuss your program. I will then have you perform the prescriptive exercises during our sessions together, along with your normal training program.

Sport specific training

  • Looking to enhance your athletic abilities? We can develop programs for golf, tennis, running, biking, skiing and snowboarding. Why not perform your favorite sport at optimal physical levels?

Fitness hikes

  • Hiking is a life affirming activity that anybody can enjoy, but if you’re looking to get a little more bang for your buck, then try a fitness hike! I will take you on a two to three hour hike that will use every muscle group you have! Fresh air, beautiful views, and an exhilirating workout!

Mountain bike tips

  • Touring the incredible landscape of New Mexico by mountain bike allows you to cover a greater distance in a shorter amount of time than hiking or running. Don’t have a mountain bike? No problem, many shops rent bikes by the day or longer. Trips can be 3-6 hours in length. I will pick you up at your house in my truck, have a healthy lunch prepared, and drop you back off at the end of the day!