ABOUT: Testimonials

Here’s what clients are saying about training.

Male, 49: Referred by chiropractor to help with back problems.

I had tried working with personal trainers a couple of times but quit after only a few sessions. It was no fun being so sore that I couldn’t move. Then, my chiropractor referred me to Trainer to help me recover from a back injury, and I had no intention of working on anything other than that when I first made the appointment. As an overweight, middle aged man with no history of any kind of planned exercise I was both fearful and skeptical.

That was five years ago! Not only have my back problems gone away, I have a new body, greater strength and flexibility and a much better self- image. Trainer brought me along at a pace that let me see results without injury. In our sessions, I have fun, improve my health and learn to better care for my body.

Female, 27: Wanted to get back into an exercise regime after a long hiatus.

I had always been an athletic person but I had fallen into a pattern of maybe working out once or twice a week at most. My eating habits, while generally „good”, had slipped and I was feeling badly about my shape and health overall. Then I started training with Trainer 4x a week.

Having Trainer there to show me new exercises, to coach me along and to push me to push myself was just what I needed. No more excuses, no more moping around the gym doing the same old routine I was used to and that had become so boring that I stopped. He challenges me to try new things that I would never think of on my own and that push the limits of what my body can handle in a good way- motivating me to get better and better at the things I find most diffcult. And while it’s always a great workout, it’s always a lot of fun too!

Female, 58: Seeking in-home personal training.

I found Trainer on-line. I wrote him an e-mail that said HELP!!!! He has definitely done that. I’ve been working with Trainer now for a couple of months. He makes exercising fun. He shows up at my front door, always on time, always has a new and creative workout and I’m already seeing the

Female, 49: Seeking in-home personal training.

In five months I will be fifty years old. I look and feel better now than I did when I was thirty-five. There are two reasons for that–a commitment to physical fitness and the right person to train me on how to achieve my goals. Once I made the commitment that I wanted to feel better- be stronger, and keep age-related ailments (osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) at bay, the next step was finding the personal trainer to help a total couch potato achieve those goals.

With patience and expertise, Trainer showed me how to change my diet, what I would need to do to reach my objectives and how to get there. The hard part was working through my body’s and mind’s initial resistance to exercise. That’s where Trainer really helped. Working out with Trainer was FUN – it was like having a caring friend and a coach all rolled up into one. He showed up every time, on time, and persistently put me through exercises even as we chatted and joked. One day, about two months later I woke up to really recognize some changes, not only in my looks, but in my whole mental attitude.

Fat Fat Fat- that’s what I was. Fit Fit Fit- that’s what I am. It feels great to get up on my own now and go to the gym, take a walk or participate in other physical sports because I want to, not because I have to. It feels great to hear people say how wonderful I look, to wear clothing that looks good, to have the stamina to do the things I want to do. Even my back, which had persistent pains since the birth of my son, feels better after eighteen years.